Paper Plate Sensory Snails

These little snails are so much fun to make and are super easy too.

A cute craft from our "AT THE POND" unit of work.

A cute craft from our “AT THE POND” unit of work.


You need ….

1 small paper plate ★ backing paper (if needed) ★ Colour Card for Snails body ★ Wiggle Eyes ★ Markers or Dot Stickers for decoration ★ Paints ★ Glue or Double Sided Tape ★ Eye Shadow Foam Applicators ★ Pencil and Scissors.

Before we begin any art activity we examine and play with our tools first. For this activity we are using eye shadow applicators but you could use other painting tools. We wanted to give the children a different sensory experience and chose a tool that they would rarely get a chance to use (unless they got into mums or …. dads make-up 🙂  *The applicators are available at the ¥100 Store.

We used the applicators to talk about body parts, feelings, and safety.  They feel great when gently brushed over your eyes.  The children had so much fun with this playtime.    I did too!


Easy Craft Materials

Directions  ….

1.  Make your backing paper look like grass.  There are lots of great ideas for this online.  Check out this great site that makes a Grass Crown.  Super cool!  I just precut it for my students as time was limited, BUT it IS a fantastic activity to practice fine motor cutting skills.


2.  Draw and cut your snails body.


3.  Add double sided tape to the back of the body as well as the back of the paper plate.  Glue can easily be used for this step as well.


4.  Attach the body to your backing paper.  I allow my students to be creative with their work.  It’s about process not perfection so allow them to experiment and place it where they like.   Then add the plate.

5.  Now it’s time to get really creative.  Where are you going to put the eyes?  What colours are you going to use to enhance your snails home?  So much to think about.
It’s also a great chance to review Pond Books such as “At the Pond” by Kelly Nogoski.


6.  I save the painting for last.  It allows the children to concentration on the activity rather than thinking about what’s next.    Plus when it’s finished it can be displayed immediately and dry on the wall.  (Another reason the backing paper is helpful)







7.  Display and enjoy.   Goes great with Dragonfly Pegs and Lilypad with Leaping Frogs.

Snails at the Pond!

Snails at the Pond!

Happy Crafting ♥

Rowena and the Playpourri Team.

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